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Custom, Creative & Responsive Website Design

Complete web design services from concept, design to finished web presence, plus ongoing support and maintenance.

Custom Web Design

Web Design

Custom & Responsive Design

Complete web design services, including ongoing updates and maintenance. I create websites designed specifically for your unique branding and company image. I now work exclusively with WordPress, the leading edge blogging and content management system, providing a wide array of functionality for your website.


Fact Finding & Setup

Review scope of website project. Setup web-hosting and domain registration plus any transfers needed.


Initial Design

Receipt of content needed for website and design of website is performed and completed for your review.

Step 3

Review Site

Make any needed revisions, 2 revisions included, note that additional edits may be subject to an extra charge.

Step 4

Go Live

Receive final draft of website, once approved and ready to go live, site is made live.

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Maintenance Services

Ongoing support

Once your site is complete and officially up and running live, your site will need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.  Ongoing maintenance ensures that your site continues to run properly, safely and successfully.  Think of your new site as a new car that will need ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Without maintaining a new car, it will eventually start to have problems sooner and will eventually not run properly, if at all.  The same is for your website.  A website needs constant attention to ensure it running at optimal level.

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