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Dianna Mangus

Welcome to my site, I’m Dianna Mangus and I am originally from Charleston, WV. I lived in Charlotte NC where I resided for 20 years before moving back to my hometown. I began my career working in administrative roles, project management, database design and desktop publishing. I am a graduate from the Charlotte Institute of Art and also a graduate from Sessions Online College for Professional Design. Due to health reasons, I now work independently as a WordPress web designer and have been designing websites for over 15 years. In helping small business owners with their website and design needs, it helps me continue my creative outlet!

Web Design

Custom & Responsive Design

Custom WordPress web design services, including ongoing site updates and maintenance. I create websites designed specifically for your unique branding and company image. I now work exclusively with WordPress, the leading edge blogging and content management system, providing a wide array of functionality for your website.

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